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Who We Are

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Tammy Dash

Owner / Stylist

Tammy is a free soul who likes to bring her tentative and creative flair to her hair styling. Her nine-plus years in the industry and living in one of the most multicultural cities help her to appreciate and strive to bring a unique quality to her vision as a hairstylist. She specializes in Coloring, and Blonding, certified in 'Liven in Hair' curated cutting by Anh Co Tran and Hair Extension by Bellami Professional. 


Her constant drive to learn a new technique and apply it with perfection is her unique ability. Tammy truly understands that everyone has their own individual style and catering to that needs requires a lot of attention. In her own words, “ Besides spending fun moments and getting to know my clients there is nothing better than seeing someone being truly happy with their new look”. 

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Jennifer No

Stylist, Colorist 

Hi! I’m Jennifer and I specialize in customized dimensional hair color, long layered cuts, and low maintenance hair styling techniques. 


After graduating from cosmetology school in my hometown of San Diego, I decided to pursue a dream of mine by moving to San Francisco where I started my career at a salon in the Marina. After a year of apprenticing, I was honored to become a full time stylist and officially join the team.


The city’s vibrancy mixed with the laid back California energy inspires me every day. Constantly being pushed outside of my comfort zone and trying new things aligns with the kind of stylist, and person, I am. I find comfort in the ever changing trends of the industry and seek opportunities to learn and master them.


I am so excited not only bring my expertise but also continue to evolve as a stylist in a beautiful and welcoming environment. Whether it be something soft and lived-in or bright and bold, I am obsessed with helping you achieve your hair goals! 

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Ching Hoang


Ching is a talented hairstylist based in San Francisco, with a passion for creating stylish and contemporary looks for women. With 10 plus years of experience in the industry, Ching has honed her craft and developed a keen eye for the latest trends and techniques.

Driven by a love for fashion, culinary delights, travel, and interior design, Ching brings a unique perspective to her hairstyling artistry. She believes that hair is an essential accessory that can transform a woman's confidence and express her individuality.


Committed to staying at the forefront of her field, Ching prioritizes continuous education and takes numerous advanced hair cutting classes. She understands the importance of keeping up with the latest industry trends, techniques, and technologies.


By staying current, she ensures that her clients receive the most cutting-edge and innovative haircuts tailored to their specific needs.Whether you're seeking a chic bob, a bold pixie cut, or a trendy layered style, Ching is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

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